Each month, we celebrate a Carecor health care professional who exemplifies outstanding service and commitment to providing the best possible care. We are honored to present the Carecor Star Award to Nigist Erbato, Registered Nurse and invaluable contributor to Carecor’s 30-year record of excellence.

When asked what Nigist would like to share about herself, she states the following, “Oh, I am not good at speaking about myself.  I am just happy to have the opportunity to provide for my family and work as a nurse.” Nigist has been working with Carecor since 2002 as an ICU Registered Nurse.

Nigist’s family life is quite busy. Besides working full time at William Osler and working about 3 shifts a week with Carecor,  Nigist also has a husband and three daughters at home.  Her eldest daughter is in high school and the other two are in middle and junior schools. “They keep me very busy.  My daughters are all dancers and the eldest is in competitions”.

“I started my career in nursing in Ethiopia in 1988. I just get a feeling, I cannot describe it, when I am able to put a smile on someone’s face.  When I arrived in Canada, I had to upgrade my skills and take courses, I did not mind and I still continued to work helping people”.

 “I know that everyone says this, but Carecor really has high standards.  As Healthcare Professionals, Carecor ensures that we update our credentials and participate in continuing education.  Carecor is the only Agency I work with now.  Carecor never lets us work in areas where we do not have experience”. 

“Carecor has the reputation for making sure that we have the skills and training to do our jobs.  Helping patients and families through difficult times is what I enjoy most about nursing."