Nwoyibo Blessing Charles, Registered Nurse Emergency     

Each month, we celebrate a Carecor health professional who exemplifies outstanding service and commitment to providing the best possible care. We are honoured to present the Carecor Star Award to Blessing Charles, Registered Nurse and invaluable contributor to Carecor’s 30-year record of excellence.

Blessing immigrated to Canada eight years ago.  With four children between the ages of 3 – 8, her spare time is spent with her children and her husband. Blessing has worked with Carecor since 2012.  When asked why she chose to work and stay with Carecor, Blessing responded, “Carecor is very professional about recruiting, Carecor respects the important work that Nurses do and everyone at Carecor’s head office is friendly and professional from the Staffing Office to Payroll to Human Resources.  As well, there are as many shifts to pick up as you want.”  Blessing enjoys and appreciates the flexibility that Carecor offers. 

Blessing is an Emergency Nurse. She is highly skilled in IV starts and Phlebotomy and completed her Critical Care certificate in 2013.  Blessing has just resigned from her full time position in another organization and is working only with Carecor for now.  She works in  facilities such as Brampton Civic Hospital, Halton Healthcare in Oakville, St. Joseph’s Health Care and Sunnybrook Health Sciences, just to name a few.

Blessing told us that, “Nursing has always been a passion for me. I always nursed younger family members and there are a lot of nurses in my family.  I look beyond someone’s sickness; I see them as a whole person.  I believe in Holistic Nursing.”

Blessing feels that it isn’t a struggle to work in an Agency setting. Especially with Carecor she enjoys the flexibility. 

Blessing is very passionate when it comes to working with the sick, she feels empathy towards her patients, she puts herself in their shoes, to try and understand what they are going through.  Her patients always want to know when she is coming back.  She says that she always has a smile and it goes a long way to make people laugh.  “It makes me happy to make someone else smile. They do not remember their sickness anymore.”

As Blessing states, “Yes, I am an Agency Nurse, but when I work in the Facilities, we are all colleagues and we’re there to help the patients.”