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Balbir Singh

Carecor PSW and life balancer

Benadette Sidieu Headshot
Bernadette Sidieu

Carecor RPN, multidisciplined mentor

Cristina Polinar

Carecor PSW and tech-savvy learner

Darlene DiTommaso

Carecor Critical Care RN and environmental advocate

Irfana Vidimlic

Carecor Critical Care RN and Type A Personality

James Valenciano
James Valenciano

Carecor RN and pianist

Josintia Lewis
Josintia Lewis

Carecor PSW and social butterfly

Lesya Zadorozhna and Volodymyr Zadorozhnyy

Carecor RNs and life-long teachers

Oladayo Okunola

Critical Care RN and thoughtful caregiver

Pat Lalla

Carecor PSW and versatile listener

Patolyn Cromwell

Carecor RPN and patient caregiver

Rhea Stoddart

Carecor RN and fearless sky-diver

Robert H.

Carecor PSW and confident problem solver

Silvana Heleta

Carecor RPN, international food enthusiast, and mother of two

Sofia Macanas, PSW

Carecor PSW and Lifestyle Juggler

Suman Ahuja

Carecor RPN and technical guru

Tamisha McGregor

Carecor RPN and a million laughs

Velma Dove

Carecor RPN and passport stamp collector