Balbir Singh

Carecor PSW and life balancer

Balbir was always interested in the healthcare field, starting as a PSW in 2001. She first worked in the community, but moved her career to Carecor to gain hospital experience.

"This is the agency. I'm happy because I wanted to work in a hospital setting. I get my time, I like my schedule, the flexibility - I will always stay with Carecor."

While Balbir is welcomed with open arms by the different teams she works with, the change can be challenging.

"You know, the first day at the job I'm a little nervous, but I get used to the environment - it's always the same kind of environment. I'm always looking after new patients. I always go to the charge nurse and they show me around the unit. No matter what, there's satisfaction. We look after people who really need care. I work hard to give them comfort and security."

Being a PSW is tough work, but Balbir's experience working with different patients and different environments has taught her a lot.

"PSWs need a lot of patience. We have to take total care of the patients. I don't think just anybody can do that, sometimes it's really challenging. You meet different kinds of people there. You have to figure out what each person needs. Sometimes my day is really challenging so at night, I try to meditate, to relax myself."

The scheduling flexibility gives Balbir the ability to balance home, faith, and family.

"Financially, I'm satisfied with my job. I can choose my schedule so I have time for my family and my community. I like to spend the time with my family, going out to temple or to a movie. It's a nice career and you get lots of opportunity and lots of choice. I'm very happy with Carecor."