Bernadette Sidieu

Carecor RPN, multidisciplined mentor

With almost a year of agency nurse experience under her belt, it didn't take long for Registered Practical Nurse Bernadette Sidieu to become completely oriented to the job and her different environments.

Despite having a mixed background in biology, business administration, and customer service, Bernadette was still a bit skeptical about taking on the nursing program, as she was afraid it wouldn't be the right fit for her. But as soon as she went in and started her practical training, she became immediately comfortable.

"The theory, the aspect of the body, the shape of the parts, the function and everything - it was interesting to me," Bernadette said.

When she was younger, Bernadette wanted to become a teacher, a doctor, or a veterinarian. Though her career path did not lead to any of those professions, Bernadette said that in the end she was glad to go into nursing. "It combined all the things in my head that I dreamed of being. Nursing is like you're at the centre of the patient. Everyone asks you and you inform them of the full picture. That's how I view nursing so I felt that I fell into a really good field."

Carecor became the perfect fit for Bernadette because every placement offered an exciting, new environment. Being on the floor keeps her on her toes as she continues to find ways to listen to the patients and help them determine the services they need. On top of that, working with Carecor allows Bernadette to balance her work and family life, especially as a mother of five.

"The good thing for me is the balance between personal life and professional life," Bernadette added. "Before, when I was working for the hospital, I didn't have that flexibility to relax. With Carecor, when I tell them which day I'm available, I know I will be there. I'm sure that when I come in, I'm really focused."

Though every orientation or placement may seem difficult, Bernadette realizes the benefits of learning all the facets of nursing. She gets excited at the thought of improving in her practice. "I could see the help I was doing, whether it was helping someone wash themselves or even how to use a comb. It's the small details that you pick out and you can really change the day for somebody. You feel satisfied and it's a relief.  I could say, 'I learned this,' and then put it in real action."

Nursing, she believes, requires learning many aspects and accumulating a bank of knowledge, not just simply going through the motions of the job. "You have to address communication, you have to address computers, and it's like a learning experience every time you hit the floor or meet a new patient. I'm growing every day. That's the aspect that fascinates me."