Cristina Polinar

Carecor PSW and tech-savvy learner

With an educational background in computer science and an aspiration to become a teacher, Cristina Polinar never dreamed of working in the health care industry. But when she was living in the Philippines, she was encouraged to train for a career as a Personal Support Worker. At the time, Cristina felt an urge to give it a try, at least in her spare time, even if she were to find a full-time office job related to computer science. When she came to Canada, she began studying for her PSW certificate on the weekends.

"I studied over here and everything changed when I started my clinical in Brantford Hospital and Valley View Nursing Home," she explained. Though Cristina only considered PSW work as a secondary option to her initial career path, she soon realized she had found her calling.

"When I started my clinical there, working with the nurses and PSWs, I realized this is fun! It's helping people and it makes you happy to cheer them up. I tried to make connections with my patients and it came naturally. When you picture yourself in their situation, it helps them feel that you're with them and it's great."

Now working in Emergency, Cristina loves everything about the job - from getting up early for a shift to simply saying hello to all the people at the facility. "I like where I am assigned. You have to love your work, right? For me, I am so happy with my job right now."

Before she became an employee at Carecor, Cristina was looking for an agency that fit, with great flexibility and a friendly atmosphere. For Cristina, Carecor became her number one choice for a health care staffing agency, as she found that it provided a harmonious team environment. She found that every placement she walked into was exciting and she was able to explore new things.

"I love working for Carecor because of its stability and most of all, when I get the opportunity to work in hospitals. Working there, you gain a wealth of knowledge to help you throughout your career." Cristina adds that Carecor has a very helpful and supportive staff that could be a valuable resource if she ever decided to upgrade her skills or become an RPN. "It's perfect for me and I feel like I'm at home at Carecor."

Cristina's cheerful personality and positive attitude help contribute to Carecor's values and the quality of its staff. Her advice for people considering becoming a PSW as a profession is plain and simple. "I would encourage them to go with their instincts and do what they love to do. They have to love their work because whatever you do should make you happy. So go for it."