Irfana Vidimlic

Carecor Critical Care RN and Type A Personality

Irfana is a hard worker and she considers that as one of her greatest assets. She is a perfectionist. Carecor is lucky to have her on its team!

As an ICU nurse, Irfana likes to have patients looked after her way. She wants to help make family members feel at ease because most of the time her patients are sedated and much of the contact is with the family. “Even though some patients may have the same diagnosis, each situation is different”, she says. “I like the families to feel comfortable with me and comfortable leaving their family member in my care.”

Irfana always wanted to go into healthcare but at first thought she would be a physician. Her parents steered her away from that as they felt that nursing would be ideal for a married woman with children. “When I was in university and doing my consolidation , my father said ‘I think you found something you like’ because he could see I was up at 4 am eager to get to the hospital instead of sleeping in.”

Being an agency nurse suits Irfana well as she can experience how different hospitals work and take that experience from one hospital to another. “I can pick and choose when I work, so that works around my family’s schedule, my husband’s schedule and I can be home on the weekend to ensure my teenage sons don’t have parties. It is very flexible.”

Sometimes though, it is scary to walk into a new environment. Irfana has learned to be sure of herself, to ask questions and not to be put off by the nurses who don’t really want you there. She says there are many misconceptions about agency nurses. “A lot of them think that we are getting paid a lot more than they are, that we are taking shifts away from them, that we’re lazy, or that our knowledge skill is not that good and that is why we can’t get a job in a hospital. After a couple of shifts, they get to know you and realize that you do know what you’re doing and they get comfortable with that.”

Irfana says the people in Carecor’s Staffing Office are amazing.  “It’s nice being able to have autonomy, to make my own decisions when I want to work and when I don’t.”

After a shift in Toronto, Irfana has an hour long drive to get home. She finds that relaxing. Once home, she works hard at being a good mom to her teenage boys and rarely has much down time. The family enjoys weekend trips to Blue Mountain, canoeing or doing family excursions together. The Vidimlics are huge supporters of the Bosnian soccer team and the whole family is trying to go to the World Cup in Brazil this year to support them. Irfana says “I think it’s a great thing for the country and hopefully for the solidarity of the citizens because they really haven’t had much to reflect on, especially post war.”

Our best wishes go with you and the team!