James Valenciano

James Valenciano

Carecor RN and pianist

James came to Canada when he was 18 and began his career with Carecor as a PSW while studying for his BScN. Now graduated, he stays with us, working across the GTA as a Registered Nurse. “Carecor gave me my first opportunity to work in Canada, and they’ve always been so good to me. I’m very loyal to them.”

The flexibility of James’ work allowed him the time to continue his education. “I love that I can set my own schedule. The staff is really friendly, supportive, understanding, and accommodating.”

James thrives on continuing education and experience, and is always willing to learn new things, pick up new skills, and engage with new environments. Ultimately though, it’s hands-on interaction that gives him the greatest gratification. “Caring for patients and performing actual bedside care is the most rewarding to me. I’d like to think I’m actually making a difference in people’s lives, while helping them recover. After assessing patients, checking vitals, giving them a bath, giving them their medication, and performing anything else, you’re supposed to leave. But then, no connection is made. I like to give a little extra time to my patients. I let them vent and I’m empathetic, which they really appreciate. My patients like when I spend that extra time with them on top of the nursing care.”

When he was growing up, James wanted to be a paleontologist, but ironically, bone injuries tested his composure. “It takes a lot to gross me out, but I get light headed and queasy when I deal with bone fractures, spinal injuries, and bone surgery. Bones freak me out! I know that’s weird coming from an RN!”

Unlike any other health care organization, working with Carecor exposes professionals to an enormous range of potential environments, with all of the benefit of working with different teams, different equipment, and different patient groups. James is the kind of person who doesn’t stop. Whether he’s playing the piano or considering his next professional milestone.

“I don’t like having downtime, I have to keep moving and keep my hands moving. I have to be productive and want to work as much as possible. Agency nursing gives me the opportunity to be as busy as I want. If asked, I’d tell professionals who are considering working with Carecor that it can be scary to be sent to several different places and the fear is always going to be there. But if you can overcome it, it’s one of the best experiences ever. The skills you develop from agency nursing will prepare you to do whatever you want with your nursing career."