Josintia Lewis

Josintia Lewis

Carecor PSW and social butterfly

38 years to get started and
a career worth the wait.

A PSW for a few years now, Josintia's first job with Carecor was at St. Joseph's Health Centre Toronto's Emergency Room.

"The first shift wasn't scary. I learned a lot of stuff there. You don't just sit in the Emerg, you help out with the patients. If you don't have a patient of your own, you help out with other patients, everything from basic patient support to caring for patients on a Form 1 under the Mental Health Act, so it was really a good experience."

Josintia always wanted to be a nurse, but life got in the way.
"When I came to Canada, I always wanted to pursue my nursing career, but things were not as they were supposed to be, so I did it when I was 38. If being a PSW is the closest I'm going to get to being a nurse, that's fine. You learn so much and you see so much."

Josintia never imagined herself working for an agency, but during her job search, Carecor's interest in her and her career changed her mind.

Working with Carecor provides a rare opportunity to try different aspects of your profession, working with different teams in different environments.

"I'd advise a new professional to get into this type of work. If you want to get into your field, or to get into a job, and you get into a good agency, you will get experience. If you want to branch out after - it's your choice. But I think it's best that you get into the agency to get that experience."

A mother of two and busy with family and friends, Josintia finds the balance she needs and the time to take care of what matters and to manage the tough, emotional aspects of her job. All the same, she loves it.

"Being a PSW is challenging, but it is rewarding for me. I learn a lot. I'm getting older and you meet older and younger patients. My heart is with the elderly patients. I love helping them - it gives me great joy."

"No matter what job you have-if you're a doctor, pharmacist, secretary, whatever - you've got to have a love for it. Because if you don't have a love for it and you're not happy, you can have problems. "