Lesya Zadorozhna and Volodymyr Zadorozhnyy

Carecor RNs and life-long teachers

Following in his wife Lesya Zadorozhna 's footsteps, Volodymyr became an RN last year after graduating from Humber College. Both former teachers, Lesya decided to switch careers and become a nurse. Though she came from a family of educators, she was always interested in medicine and the human body.

"When we came to Canada and started a totally new life in a new country we spent a lot of time thinking about what we were going to do here. For some reason we didn't want to go back to teaching," Lesya says. After graduating from Ryerson University, she found Carecor and has worked full-time since.

"I like working with Carecor," Lesya says. "I like independence, creating my own schedule and feeling that I'm master of my own life. I love Carecor because I find the staff is very friendly and tries to accommodate my needs; we can work together on schedules. Also, I don't really have problems, but if any issues appear I can talk to the staff and they are really helpful and understanding. It's great!"

Though Volodymyr adds that he appreciates the flexible schedule and vacation time, he loves working with people and educating patients - qualities they have both acquired as teachers. Lesya believes one of her best skills continues to be teaching.

"We actually find that nursing and teaching have a lot in common. A great aspect of nursing is teaching and that is actually what I love. Promoting good lifestyle, nutrition and taking care of health," Lesya says.

As an RN in critical care, Lesya understands that delivering the best personal care and using good nursing judgement is a crucial part of the job. A patient's health is always rapidly changing so reacting quickly and involving the whole health care team is important.

"Nursing is a very central role because you spend a lot of time at the patient's bedside and you know what's going on. You assist the other health care professionals and advocate for your patient as well, to get the services they need," Lesya says.

"To walk into a new environment you need to react," Volodymyr stresses. "First of all you need to act fine and always rational. Good communication with people is a must to work in a new environment."

At the end of day, this tag team couple loves what they do and they are good at it. Lesya's advice? "If you're confident in your skills and if you want to try new and exciting experiences and see the world out there, not just one hospital and one unit, then join Carecor."