Pat Lalla

Carecor PSW and versatile listener

Pat Lalla has been a Personal Support Worker at Carecor for over 12 years. Her diverse set of work experiences has prepared her for her role as a PSW and she has accumulated invaluable skills along the way.

In the past, Pat worked in stocks and bonds as well as retail management - she even toyed with the idea of becoming a flight attendant. Through a neighbour's suggestion, Pat decided to consider a career as a PSW and finally found her calling. "I decided to just get my feet wet and see if I liked it," Pat says. "I kick myself to this day that I didn't jump into it sooner because I like being 'hands-on' in the hospital."

Pat enjoys the variety of her day-to-day interaction with the clients, especially when she gets placed in busy hospital settings. "I don't like to just sit there in the corner. I like to ask questions or try to help work with the staff, so I picked up some useful information and now I have more skills," she adds.

On top of her flexible schedule, Pat's outgoing personality makes it easy for her to walk into a new environment every day. She compares her job to bartending, in that people seem to open up to her about their life stories and feelings. Her ability to put people at ease, provide a caring ear and upbeat demeanor allow patients and their families to connect to her on a personal level.

Before Pat started with Carecor, she worked in a nursing facility with a specialized focus on patients living with Alzheimer's. Now, she is able to care for many of her senior clients with dementia with confidence, compassion and patience.

"I think it's the personal touch that means the most to my clients," Pat says. "Don't just do it for the money - do it because you care about your job."