Patolyn Cromwell

Carecor RPN and patient caregiver
Patolyn was born in St. Vincent. She lived for a few years in the U.S. Virgin Islands and then came to Canada over 16 years ago.
An early dream to be a doctor morphed into nursing. Patolyn graduated in 2011 from Sheridan College with her diploma as a Registered Practical Nurse. She got her registration in 2012.
Although agency nursing isn't for everyone, Patolyn likes it because she can build her schedule the way she wants it. "I think agencies expose you to a lot of things. You go to different places, see different things and get a feel for exactly what you like and where you want to go in life," she says.
Patolyn likes the relationship she has developed with Carecor's staffing coordinators. She smiles just thinking about them. And she gets a lot of pleasure from helping her patients get better and be able to go home to lead an independent life again.
Patolyn feels that patience is one of the most valuable assets of a good nurse. "Every patient is different. Some will progress faster than others and you have to learn to pace yourself with your patients and adjust when things don't go the way you were expecting."
"You do what you can to help. It could be your family one day so you do what you would want someone else to do if it was your family member who was sick. You do it with all your heart and to the best of your ability."