Rhea Stoddart

Carecor RN and fearless sky-diver

Rhea’s career almost stalled before it began. She completed her undergraduate at McMaster about 3 years ago and was hired on at University Health Network (UHN) for a special program through Ontario Nurse’s Workforce Alliance. She received critical care training to be able to work in Northern Ontario. As soon as Rhea finished the training, due to funding shortfalls, she was told that the program was cancelled. Rhea was offered several choices: to work in the Nursing Resource Team at UHN or join the Toronto Western Hospital’s ER. She chose the latter.

“I was also working with Carecor at the time as a med/surg general RN. Working at the Western in the ER enabled me to get experience so soon I was able to pick up ER shifts with Carecor. I ended up liking agency work so much that I left my job to do it full time. I love agency work because I love the flexibility of it. You’re the boss and you can say I don’t want to work that shift or pick up 2 shifts or go on vacation whenever you want.

Carecor has a very supportive staff. The coordinators are not too pushy. I love that they do staff recognition. Carecor understands what it is to be an agency nurse. You guys get it and you support it! Also, you have high standards. Actually you have one of the strictest hiring policies out there. People at the hospitals are pleased when they learn I come from Carecor.”

It is important to Rhea to act as an advocate for her patients. “The patients talk to me. I need to be there for them and realize certain things may not be what they want, so they need to change. Especially in the ER, people may become unstable quickly so you have to advocate for them to be moved to a more critical area.”

Rhea admits that agency nursing can sometimes be scary because you are walking into the unknown on a daily basis. But she views it also as a challenge. She always gets past the scary feeling and finds it generally works out well. She finds it exciting to move around to different hospitals, try new things and meet new people everyday.

Speaking of scary situations, for Rhea’s last birthday she signed up to go sky-diving. This had been on her bucket list for the past five years. Another dream she has pursued in her off time is writing short stories. She is an aspiring author and it would be no surprise to, one day, see her name on a published volume.

After all, Rhea is not scared off easily!