Robert H.

Carecor PSW and confident problem solver

What does it take to be a Carecor employee? Experience and the right attitude, of course. Throw in a flexible schedule and a hard work ethic and you're set for the job.

Robert joined Carecor as a Personal Support Worker with all of those credentials and more. Like many on our team, he first heard about Carecor at George Brown College's bi-annual PSW Career Fair. After completing his PSW Certificate program, he popped by the career fair to speak with our Human Resources staff members and inquire about Carecor's multi-faceted services. Pretty soon, he began working for our agency and has been with Carecor for close to eight months now.

"I like the flexibility," Robert says. "I can work the hours that I want."

Before he became a PSW, he worked as a computer operator though he was always interested in diving into the health care industry. Now as a caregiver, he is in a new field but is just as excited for the challenges ahead.

"There are times when working is very difficult, especially with people who resist care," Robert adds. "When I work the floor, it happens daily. It's challenging if they have cognitive impairments."

Undaunted by the challenge, Robert has honed his problem-solving skills and has built up the confidence to approach situations with clarity, patience, and clinical precision. "I enjoy the contact with the patients and the nursing staff. Part of my job that means most to the clients who I work with is how I deal with them. I make the patients feel at ease if they're fearful," he says.

At the end of the day, Robert encourages other health care professionals who are considering the same line of work to jump in. "It's very rewarding."