Silvana Heleta

Silvana Heleta

Carecor RPN, international food enthusiast, and mother of two

Silvana always wanted to help people and always focused on becoming a nurse. Previously an RN in Serbia, Carecor was Silvana’s first Canadian employer. “I wanted to find a field or specialty I was interested in, and through Carecor, I am able to work in many units and compare to see what I like.”

At home, Silvana has big responsibilities. As a mother of two girls, she benefits from the flexibility Carecor offers. “I get to choose the days I want to work and I get to choose the facilities. I love the flexibility, freedom, and accommodation Carecor gives me.”

Professionally, Silvana most enjoys the interpersonal aspects of nursing - communicating with patients, listening to them, and learning their life stories. “They appreciate your time, they appreciate you listening to them and allowing them to express their feelings.”

When she’s not at work, Silvana is very busy with her girls, but still finds time to go to the movies, prepare and improve upon traditional Serbian cuisine, and plan big trips. “We like to travel to my homeland, Serbia, and I dream of a vacation in Italy. I love lasagna. I also want to see more of Canada, especially the west coast!”

Silvana believes that professionals considering a career with Carecor must be willing to open themselves up to the potential range of experiences.

“I do learn a lot from working in the different units. I enjoy the challenge.”