Suman Ahuja

Carecor RPN and technical guru
After joining Carecor over a year ago, Registered Practical Nurse Suman Ahuja has enjoyed the opportunity to work in different environments and to learn something new every day. A Humber College graduate, Suman's technical expertise allows her to advance her problem-solving skills and to discover innovative ways to enhance the quality of care for her patients. 
Suman says the best part of her job is reading up on new diagnoses and learning how to operate hospital equipment. Working with Carecor, Suman is placed in leading health care facilities which allow her to continue to grow. She recalls her first shift at Bridgepoint Health: "I was sent to a hospital where I received training on different equipment and lessons on the computer programs. It makes our work much easier when you know how to deal with the day-to-day procedures."
As a new RPN, Suman has already accelerated well beyond her years, putting safety first when it comes to providing clinical relief and support. She relays the importance of proper communication and gives her advice on how to facilitate medication administration. "Your patients may feel frustrated if you don't inform them, so it is important that they understand that all of it is for their safety," she says.  
In addition to her technical know-how and communication skills, her detail-oriented personality has also contributed to the success of her career as an RPN. Suman has a wealth of knowledge yet she is always seeking ways to improve her skills and progress in her practice. 
At the end of the day, Suman loves what she does and shares this advice with others who wish to work in the health care industry: "Go with what you are interested in, pursue your goals in life, know what you want out of it, and decide how you can achieve it."