Tamisha McGregor

Carecor RPN and a million laughs
When Tamisha was young, she actually wanted to be a doctor. Her mom bought her medical books when she was 10 years old. However, life didn't quite work out that way although she did end up in the healthcare field. Tamisha graduated from Sheridan College as an RPN. Working as a nurse is perfect for Tamisha as she has a better opportunity to connect with her patients.
Tamisha works with Carecor because agency work fits in with her lifestyle.  She says, "My life is hectic, I can only work right now on weekends. I like the flexibility. Carecor has a very good reputation. Also you work with hospitals and a lot of RPNs are not really in hospitals, more in long term care facilities. I like the hospital work and am able to build on my skills that way. I enjoy the diversity of the different hospitals that I go to."
Tamisha has good people skills. She has an ability to make people laugh; in fact, some people have said she should be a performer. She feels that one of the most important skills she offers as an RPN is to connect with her patients. "Good communication is one of the soft skills we learn in our profession. As soon as I go into the patient's room, I speak to them and try to get a feel of who they are and where they come from. I ask what I can do for them today. From there it will help me to develop my skills, prioritize what type of nursing intervention that I need to work on and then go from there. The most essential thing to me is actually helping them overcome whatever problems they are facing. Nobody wants to be in a hospital", Tamisha says.
"To be a nurse you need to be tough. It's a physically and emotionally demanding field. But if you're very strong and you're really focused on what you have to do, you will feel rewarded at the end."