Velma Dove

Carecor RPN and passport stamp collector

Velma's childhood dream was to grow up and become a nurse. While working as a PSW, she made that dream a reality by balancing the demanding schedule of student life and her full-time position to complete the RPN program.

Her first RPN placement was with Carecor working one to two days a week. Now her schedule keeps her busy up to four or five days a week giving her more time to apply her passion for bedside nursing.

"I like the one-on-one. I like being able to extend what I have inside to give to someone in need. Patients know if you are sincere or not and they feel the love you have for your job."

When she's not working Velma is actively engaged in her faith community and loves to take a much-deserved vacation to travel and explore new places. She feels lucky to be able to enjoy the benefits of her fluid schedule. "The flexibility and the staff are great; very accommodating. I love working for Carecor because they give me respect. I really appreciate that."

Carecor employees work in a broad range of settings. Velma attributes her success to her natural adaptability and approachable personality. She encourages other professionals who are excited by the challenge and opportunity of a diverse work environment to consider Carecor as their next career step.

"It is a big job. It can be really fulfilling if you love it. You have to love it to do it well."