About Us

Care Isn’t Just A Word,
It’s At The Heart Of What We Do.

Since 1982, Carecor has provided an alternative health care staffing experience for our clients and our employees. We are the first name in the provision of ‘just-in-time’ staffing services on an as-needed basis.

As one of the most experienced and established health care staffing agencies around, we offer something different: immediate access to trained and experienced staff ready to help deliver quality health care services at your first call.

Our consistency and our quality care standards have made us the first choice not only of our clients, but of Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, and Personal Support Workers. We offer an engaged and active employee culture unique among healthcare staffing service agencies that makes as-needed staffing an attractive alternative to regular employment options.

The quality and training of our staff has been instrumental in helping us win and retain the business of health care facilities throughout southern Ontario, but more importantly, it has helped us continually attract the best talent out there. By partnering with Carecor, you gain access to 30 years of health care staffing experience and the full spectrum of health care workers: 

  • Personal Support Workers
  • Registered Practical Nurses, and
  • Registered Nurses, including those skilled in Critical Care and Emergency nursing

What makes us so different? It’s simple, really.
Quality, principles, and service.