Jenifer grew up in the Philippines, the third youngest of 7 siblings in her family. Many of her siblings live all over the world-in Hawaii, Cyprus, Malaysia, Japan, Dubai.

Jenifer caught the travel bug too and moved to Paris for 6 years before relocating to Canada 8 years ago to be a live-in caregiver. It was a tough decision because, at that time, she had a young daughter and was unable to bring her to Canada with her due to the nature of her employment. Jenifer’s daughter lives for now with her grandmother in the Philippines but the hope is for her to move to Canada for  high school. Meanwhile, Jenifer spends a lot of time on skype talking with either her daughter or her sisters who live all over the world.

Since coming to Canada, Jenifer has worked for the same family as a live-in caregiver. She works for Carecor on the weekends. Jenifer started with Carecor on hospital floor duty assignments at St. Joseph’s, Sunnybrook and Rouge Valley. When asked how she found that kind of work after working with a single private client, Jenifer said “I just love it. I learn a lot every time I go and I have met so many nice doctors and nurses. At first it was a bit intimidating because I didn’t know my way around the unit but I made a point of coming an hour early on my first shift so another PSW could orient me to the unit.”

Jenifer determined early on that she wanted to work in healthcare. “I had a single aunt who was very ill and I helped look after her when I was growing up.” She enjoys helping people and can especially relate to them if they are in the Emergency Department without any family. Jenifer came to this country by herself so she knows what it is like to be alone. She likes to take that extra moment to spend with the patient so they can feel that someone cares about them. “Most patients are so appreciative. I would definitely encourage anyone to pursue a career in healthcare because it is amazing and so rewarding.”

Jenifer says she has a rather serious appearance so people are always surprised when they get to know her that she is so bubbly and personable. “Never judge a book by its cover”, she says.

In her spare time, Jenifer enjoys watching movies or bowling with friends.