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Unit Aide -Acute Care Hospital, Casual Shifts  

Job Summary

The Unit Aide has an important role within the health care team by contributing to the effective operations of the clinical unit/area through ordering, stocking and maintaining all supplies and equipment required to meet the needs of the patients and their designated work area.  An understanding of basic principles of infection control is essential and key to providing a safe environment for patients and staff alike.  Under the direction and supervision of the RN/LPN, the Unit Aide provides direct and indirect support for patient care.

Hours of Work:
Must be available to work a minimum of 45 hours per month which includes two (2) shifts on a weekend
Able to be scheduled for assignments that are considered “urgent/last minute/early morning” (e.g. called for assignments within 2 hours or less from start of shift)
Flexible to work all shifts (Days, Evenings), including weekdays, weekends and statutory holidays 
Grade 12 High School diploma or equivalent
Previous clinic aide experience and knowledge of medical terminology preferred
Must be willing to undergo a Police Background Check
Proof of current immunization for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (MMVR)
Proof of negative TB skin test within the past one (1) year or negative chest x-ray within the past five (5) years
Proof of N95 Mask Fit Test Certificate with a date of issue in the last two years
Understands and implements infection prevention practices
Maintains confidentiality of client information and care
Duties and Responsibilities:
Ordering, Stocking, and Maintenance of Supplies
Order supplies based on established quota on a regular basis
Replenish areas with requested supplies
Rotate stock, check expiry dates
Return/dispose of outdated supplies 
Note stock which is on back order and follow-up with appropriate others
Order non-stick items requisition for supplies
Provide Safe Environment for Patients and Staff
Understand the basic infection control practices
Provide new supplies, such as tissues, straws etc., to each patient
Ensure soiled items are disposed of in proper containers
Clean and disinfect patient’s bedside equipment such as IV poles, IV pumps, bedside tables, bed and bedrails regularly and between patients
Wash hands using proper technique in hand washing
Adhere to Health Canada’s Guidelines for infection control – routine practices and additional precautions for preventing transmission of infection control
Unit Maintenance
Maintenance linen quota and distribution, liaise with laundry as required
Empty linen hampers 
Place Maintenance orders for equipment repair and other repairs as required (i.e. replacement of lights) and identify urgency of requests
Cleaning and Disinfecting Utensils/Trays/Equipment
Clean utensils/tray/equipment
Disinfect utensils/tray/equipment
Send to sterile processing department for processing, packaging and sterilization
Check packages of sterile products for expiry dates and damage; discard outdated stock
Store sterilized equipment in an appropriate area
Patient Care Activities
Assist with patient care (weigh patients, set patient up with basins, assist with patient baths, shaves, feeds, positioning, lifts and transfers, records intake and output)

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia


Carecor Halifax Office

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